Million Dollar Rally Slots

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5-reel, video

This is a 5-Reel slot game that has the Racing theme. The game has a number of rules that makes the entire gameplay exciting, fun and fair.

How to Play Million Dollar Rally Slots

You first need to decide the coin size you wish to play by using the + and - buttons. Use the Bet One or Bet Max button to wager on the next spin. A Bet Max selection allows players to win on all the available pay lines for the game. Press the Spin Button to begin the game and the Stop Spin button to stop the spinning reels.

Game Buttons at Million Dollar Rally Slot

Using the Bet One button increases the number of bet coins one at a time. When the max number is reached, the count re-starts to one. The Bet Max button allows for a max bet and starts the reels automatically. Other buttons are the Spin and Stop Spin buttons.

Payouts of Million Dollar Rally Slot Machine

$0.01-coins is the minimum machine wager and the maximum that can be bet is $10-coins.

Game Rules

During gameplay, a malfunction means that the payouts are void and winnings are also paid out on all enabled combinations. A winning falling on a pay line not enabled is not awarded. The game also allows a player to win several ways with a single spin. After each spin, payouts are awarded on all winning combinations on enabled pay lines. Paylines are enabled in succession. That means that if you add 2 coins to an already existing pay line, the second and third pay lines are added while the fifth, sixth and so forth remain disabled.

Symbols to look out for

When playing the Million Dollar Rally, there are number of symbols available that correspond to the enabled paylines. Depending on the number of enabled pay lines, a Trophy symbol on a 5 pay line will win $10,000, on a 4 pay line the trophy wins $1,000 and $100 on a 3 enabled pay line. On a 5 pay line a blue car wins $2,500, a red car $2,500 and $1,000 on a green car. Betting on 3 $5 coins and you land on 3 Trophy symbols, this guarantees a win of $500. Other symbols with fewer winnings are Sevens, Tires, Flags and Cherries. For example, a bet of 1 $5 coin and a landing on 3 Tire symbols is a $20 win.

Where to play Million Dollar Rally Slots

There are number of special casinos that offer players a chance to win lots of money on this game. Liberty Slots Casino offers its players sign up bonuses to kick start their gaming adventure. By simply downloading Liberty Slots Casino software, it is easy to start the game play and get a chance to play in tournaments, promotions and other bonuses on offer. With amazing graphics and an exciting gameplay in addition to having an opportunity to win tones of money, the Million Dollar Rally is indeed a fun game.