US Depositing

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To enjoy the thrill of real money online slots then you'll need to make a deposit into your online casino of choice, and contrary to popular belief this is a simple and straightforward task. US online casinos provide you with a great choice of methods when it comes to making a deposit, with Visa card being by far the easiest method, however when we say Visa, that does not necessarily mean Visa credit card, as we shall explain below.

Visa Credit, Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards

Almost all US online casinos will accept Visa cards as a deposit method as it's convenient and fast and many players will use this as their number one choice. When using a Visa credit card the process is simple, exactly the same in fact as making any other purchase online. You simply visit the casino cashier, enter your card details, along with the CVV and amount you wish to deposit and you're done. The funds appear within seconds into your casino account and you may enjoy real money slots and table games. Many players are now however using Visa gift cards and prepaid cards and these work in exactly the same way as a Visa credit card in the cashier, and they may be purchased from many locations in the US such as gas stations and convenience stores. Gift cards come loaded with a certain amount of money, and with a prepaid card you may top it up with as much as you wish. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that the card you get is OK for international transactions, and while most of them indeed are, it's always worth asking.

Depositing by Other Credit Cards

Not everyone uses Visa however and casinos will also allow you to use other major credit cards, with the two most popular being MasterCard and American Express. Though not as common as Visa, there are many US online casinos that accept them, and should you be wanting to use one of these methods, then there are many casinos right here on this site that will accept these methods. They work in exactly the same way as a Visa, and your account is funded instantly.

Other Methods of Depositing

There are of course alternatives to using a credit card and online casinos will try and cater for all players requirements. Bank wire is becoming more popular due to the fact that online banking is on the increase and it's so easy to do now. No longer do you have to visit your bank to make these transactions, and very often funds are cleared within 72 hours, or even faster in many cases. Western Union and MoneyGram are still accepted by many online casinos, and again this can be done online making it so convenient for you. Deposit methods are often added to and improved as time goes by and should you find a casino you like the look of but don't see a deposit methods that suits, it's always a good idea to speak to customer support as they can very often help you out.

Online Casino Security

All US friendly online casinos use the latest technology in their cashiers, similar to those in place in major financial institutions such as banks. Your personal details always remain safe and secure and are never compromised. For your own safety you will be asked for ID when requesting a withdrawal, and this is solely for verification purposes, protecting you against online fraud.