Birds of Paradise Slots

Birds of Paradise Slots
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5-reel, video, bonus
Animals, Birds

Birds of Paradise is a relatively new video slot game that appears on a number of online casinos. The name itself gives an imagery that is quite neutral in itself and evokes the idea of floating birds in a beautiful exotic location. Whatever the idea the name conjures up, one fact is certain about the game, it is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine and has a maximum jackpot of an amazing $100,000.

Birds of Paradise Game Play

Just like other slot machine games available in many online casinos, Birds of Paradise offers players a variety of ways of game play. The game offers players the decision to placing the number of coins to be played and the absolute value of the coins to be played. Once all of this has been set, the player is ready to spin the reel. Birds of Paradise has no graphic arms to pull, but instead employs buttons. That means that if you are spinning, betting, collecting payouts and the like, you use predefined buttons. After a spin the player is allowed to either collect his or her winnings or a prompt appears that allows the player to continue spinning. When one wants to maintain the same coin number and value settings in the succeeding sessions, an option of auto-spin allows that configuration to be set and the auto spin to take place every time the end spin calculation has been made.

Birds of Paradise Rules of Play

One of the important rules is the maximum coin value is $5 while the minimum is $0.01. The maximum bet with all the 25 payouts having a $5 bet would thus be $125. Each of these payouts however, in most cases is represented with different coins of varying denominations. It also means that the higher the number of coins used on each spin, the higher the chances of being eligible for a payout since more pay lines are active. In other words, each coin represents a pay line.

Bonus Rounds

Like in other slot games, Birds of Paradise also offers free spins that are triggered by 3 scatter icons appearing on the slot machine face. Once the scatter icons appear, a player gets 15 free spins and any money won from each of these free spins is tripled. Free spins thus offer players a chance to recover from their losses.

If you want to play Birds of Paradise then one of the best online casinos where this game is available is at the Liberty Slots Casino. After the initial download of the software, this game and others becomes available for online play. One gets the opportunity to qualify for the many bonuses that are offered and a chance to win the $100,000 jackpot.

With a wide variety of coin values and with a huge jackpot win, Birds of Paradise at the Liberty Slots Casino is indeed a game that stands out uniquely. The Liberty Slots Casino allows players to try out these games and get a chance to win.