The BrightShare Casino Affiliate Program

The BrightShare Casino affiliate program is the affiliate program for the Jackpot Factory Group casinos. It is an excellent program and to illustrate just how good it is, consider the following aspects of BrightShare Casino affiliate program.

Commissions can reach 40%: You heard that right; the commissions of the BrightShare affiliate program can be as high as 40%. This means that if you refer someone that deposits big, you are going to end up earning big.

Cost per action: You are not going to be paid either by clicks or by views, but rather by actions. This means that you get paid less often, but each time you get paid is a larger amount of money.

Versatility: The commissions themselves are great, but what really allows you to make money is the fact that in some cases the affiliate payments even stretch to poker and mobile products as well.

Referral earnings: Everyone that you refer to the BrightShare Casino affiliate program will get you 2% on all of the money that they earn. This means not only can you earn through commissions on poker, mobile and casino, but you can also earn for referring other affiliate to the service that begin to earn themselves.

Earn for life: This is pretty explanatory; you earn continuously for the rest of your life.

Easy sell: Many of the affiliate products online are absolutely awful and it is reflected very quickly in the poor sales figures for even the best online affiliate marketers around. However, the BrightShare casino affiliate program services some of the best casinos around and therefore it makes it easy for you to sell it and make money as an affiliate.

Lots of traffic: In many cases you are going to be doing affiliate marketing for the Prima Poker Network. This is one of the best poker networks around with a lot of traffic and therefore you are going to have a lot of opportunities to make affiliate sales for that network.

Lots of help: If you are new to the affiliate marketing game, then the BrightShare staff has a lot of information that you can use to get yourself up to speed and start earning money right now!

Lots of information: If you want up to the minute stats about how your affiliate sales are going, then the BrightShare casino affiliate program is definitely for you. The sales reports and statistics are extraordinarily detailed and tell you exactly what is going on with your account.

Lots of support: If you have a problem with the affiliate program software, website or just want to chat with someone to get a sense of personality for the program, then there are a lot of options for you to pursue. The support staff knows their stuff is very friendly and responds to questions very quickly.

For all of these reasons, many people have discovered the treasure trove that is the BrightShare casino affiliate program. Join all of the people making good money from them today and sign up to become a BrightShare affiliate.